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Windshield Repair and Replacement

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Beware Of Illegal Insurance Steering – Know Your Rights! When you call a 1-800 number for glass replacement you are likely talking to a ‘billing network’…..not your insurance company directly; although they will insist you are talking to your insurance company! When these networks assign work without giving the consumer their options, or to their chosen shop, this is an illegal practice called insurance ‘steering’ and it is a very real problem for consumers. Always remember – you have a choice! You may be told that the glass shop you have selected is not an ‘approved shop’ and that our work ‘may not be fully guaranteed’. This is not true. All of our work is guaranteed by us! There simply is no reason why you cannot have your work performed by your chosen glass shop for any insurance company. Billing networks ‘steer’ work to their own companies for their own benefit and remove the lawful choice of you, the consumer. For some reason insurance companies are allowing this to continue by turning a blind and not address this illegal practice. You pay the premium – you make the choice!


Don’t let stone chips on your windshield ruin your drive – Let us fix it! Stone chips can turn into more costly cracks, but whether it’s a chip or a crack, our team at Pro-Auto-Glass & Windows are fully specialized in repairing or replacing your windshield.


At Pro-Auto-Glass & Windows, we can make curved windshields that are custom fit to your unit. With MR10 Lexan, a polycarbonite high-impact plastic, we are able to replace any windshield whether it’s for your boat, quad, snow machine, heavy machinery or other vehicle. This material allows us to design curved AND bent windshields that perfectly fit your machine. 


  • Large inventory of windshields
  • We can often get your vehicle’s glass repaired within 24 hours
  • For replacements we do a full cut-out method to ensure proper adhesion of your new windshield
  • We are the only local glass shop to use dam foam. Dam foam is an extra step that protects your glass from the pinch weld (frame) of your vehicle. This prevents overflow of the urethane into your vehicle, and it better protects your glass from cracking due to stress when driving over bumps, off roading, etc. It’s a further barrier between the metal frame of your vehicle and your glass – helping to avoid breaks.

Our Pro-Auto-Glass & Windows team are fully trained and equipped to install, repair, and replace residential or commercial windows & doors. The only local company that makes sealed units in our shop- so you don’t have to wait!

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