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Humphrey Window & Door Systems

At Pro-Auto-Glass and Windows we supply and install residential and commercial windows and doors.

We only use windows from Humphrey Windows & Door Systems.


  • Humphrey is a Winnipeg based window and door manufacturer that has been satisfying customers in Western Canada for more than 60 years.
  • Windows that are built in our region will perform better in our region. Climate and altitude are a major factor when it comes to window glass quality.  Humphrey products are unique because they are built in the north, so they perform in the north.
  • Humphrey only uses a non-metallic super spacer bar and a true half inch air space between each pane of glass for optimum performance.
  • The warranties speak for themselves. They stand behind what they build.
  • All Humphrey glass is dry-glazed for less costly replacement in the case of breakage or seal failure.
  • They are always innovating and investing in new technologies within the window industry.
  • Homeowners love Humphrey’s energy efficient PVC windows and doors because they are built to last. They perform well in our rugged climate and they are installed with care by our Window Professionals at Pro-Auto-Glass and Windows.


One of the most valuable design features on Humphrey’s Windows is that all glass is dry-glazed. Having dry-glazed windows means that the glass sealed unit in the window is not glued in, so if the unit needs to be replaced due to breakage or seal failure it can be done in minimal time (only one hour!) and with minimal cost. Many other window manufacturers use a wet-glaze which means that the glass is glued in, making replacement of the sealed unit much more costly (approximately 3X the cost of a dry-glazed unit).

About Humphrey

Originally, Humphrey Products of Wichita, Kansas started shipping aluminum products into Canada in 1952 to Humphrey dealers in Edmonton, Alberta. Humphrey was a pioneer in establishing a dealer based retail window organization. Their sales team out of Great Falls, Montana established dealers in Lethbridge, Calgary, Swift Current, Regina, Saskatoon, and other areas of Canada. By 1960 demand for the product was so strong it was decided to open a distribution center allowing Humphrey to service their Canadian accounts better and develop new ones. Being the geographic center of Canada, Winnipeg was chosen as the site for the new facility and in 1960 Humphrey Products of Winnipeg started shipping to Dealers throughout Canada.

In the early 70’s Humphrey was at the forefront of the fledgling “renovation” industry. They offered window systems that could be easily made and installed in existing openings. Each dealer at that time was also a window manufacturer allowing Humphrey and their dealer network to prosper and grow. Most large manufacturers were only interested in supplying standardized products for the “new construction” industry.

With 60 years of experience in selling window & door products through its’ dealers, Humphrey is committed to our dealers and their market, enjoying long established relationships with dealers across western Canada, some dating back forty years.
In 1982 a group of Dealers formed a company to purchase Humphrey Products, guaranteeing their source of window and door components. In 1988, management took the company in a new direction, reflecting changes in the industry towards thermal performance and PVC window products. In 2004 Humphrey expanded its product line adding quality residential doors and related accessories.

Sixty-plus years later, Humphrey continues to grow and evolve, shipping thousands of quality vinyl windows and doors annually to our dealer network across western Canada.

Humphrey is committed to providing quality window and door products, and a level of service that delivers the value, comfort and satisfaction our Dealers and their customers deserve for the hard earned dollars that they have budgeted to spend. Above all, Humphrey Products is committed to building these products the old fashioned way, one window at a time, with great pride, care and craftsmanship always in mind!

Learn more about our windows at humphrey-products.ca

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