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Custom Manufactured Windshields

With MR10 Lexan we can make curved windshields that are custom fit to your unit. MR10 Lexan is a poly-carbonate high impact plastic.

This material allows us to design curved AND bent windshields that perfectly fit your machine.

Manufacture Sealed Units (Windows with 2+ panes of glass)

If your triple pane window has experienced a break or a crack, our shop can replace the glass within your existing home windowpane.

We can re-make them at our shop for a quick turnaround or order them in.

When re-manufacturing your broken dual or triple pane window we use a non-metallic super spacer bar to prevent temperature transfer – this will ensure your window continues to perform well in our climate, by keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter.

Window Repairs

Our experienced Glass Technicians can repair your broken, damaged, or aging window.

Wood, aluminum, PVC – we can repair any window ever made.

Screen Replacement or Repair

We stock fiberglass, aluminum, and pet friendly screens.

With torn screens in your windows or patio doors, bugs can get inside – and who wants that?

We have the tools and experience to repair or replace screens, so the bugs stay out.

Window & Door Hardware

Awning and casement hardware, window hinges, cam locks, continuous hinges, old or new style hardware, bits and pieces. Whether it’s residential or commercial hardware, we carry a large inventory.

If we do not have the door or window hardware you need in stock, we can get it.

Plastic Products

We stock sheets of acrylic and poly-carbonates.

We can cut to any size.

Mirror, Fireplace & Other Glass Products

We stock pattern glass, laminate glass, wire glass (GPW), mirror, and Neoceram (heat resistant glass).

We can cut glass to any size to fit or repair your mirror, tabletop, cabinet, boat, heavy equipment, fireplace glass and more.

If it’s made of glass, we can fix it!

Security Glass

We carry specific types of glass that can be used to help protect your business from break-ins and vandalism. MR10 Lexan will secure your front display window.

If you need or require a different type of security glass (i.e. to protect or reduce injury), we can help with that too!

Protective Barriers / Sneeze Guards

Now specializing in protective barriers!

We can manufacture barrier shields/sneeze guards for your business or organization.

Whether you need a custom shield for your desk, or a barrier shield in any vehicle, we can design one that looks great and perfectly fits your space.

Designs that keep your business looking professional and safe.

Stainless Steel Deck Screen

Stainless Steel Deck Screen

This product is a stainless-steel heavy-duty gage screen that can be used as deck railings with aluminum or wood posts. It is easier to clean then the typical glass used on decking. It is aesthetically pleasing and offers an unobstructed view and continuous airflow. We offer customized sizes with matching aluminum frame, or you can purchase the screen material in 4’ x 8’ sheets. Stock colours are black, bronze, white or clear.

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